The state unitary enterprise “Suvloyikha” is a state-owned enterprise that works on a full-fledged basis, whose main activity is design solutions and search for projects that justify the prospects for the Water sector.

The company operates on the basis of government orders and shirts with customers.

The company acts as a customer of the Ministry of Water Resources for centralized projects, schemes, programs, regulations, work to improve land reclamation of irrigated lands, types of feasibility studies and others.

Pre-design and design estimates (schemes, feasibility studies, feasibility studies, projects of various stages, standard projects, regulatory documents, estimates and other materials) of new construction, including the preparation of documents for:

Integrated use and protection of water and land resources in the catchments and territories of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
irrigation networks, canals, streams, pilot production systems, agricultural irrigation technologies;
hydroelectric power stations, dams, reservoirs, pumping stations, network roads and other structures and communications related to land reclamation and construction of water bodies;
basic and group water supply systems, including domestic and drinking water supply systems, desalination process, agricultural water supply, livestock breeding and other types of wastewater treatment;
industrial - construction of civil engineering facilities;
construction of rural production and non-production facilities, engineering structures and networks;
Carrying out engineering surveys and studies at designed facilities.
Development of regulatory and methodological documents on the design, research, construction and operation of agricultural and water management systems, as well as rural production and non-production facilities.
Creation of standard designs for hydraulic structures, agricultural water supply facilities, utilities.
Monitoring the construction of facilities as an author.
Development of design estimates for the overhaul of hydraulic structures and engineering networks.
Improving the forms and methods of economic and financial activities based on compliance with contractual obligations with customers, economic relations and contractual obligations.
The above tasks are carried out and controlled by the organizations and organizations in the field of activity in accordance with the scale and direction of their activities.